Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Two Week Wait

Currently we are in the two week wait...Little Man had his evaluation at a big hospital in the city on 6/27 - his 28 month birthday.  Hubby and I brought him in by way of subway and surprisingly we met up with his EI developmental specialist on the train.  We met with the developmental pediatrician and a speech language pathologist, who asked us a ton of questions and asked Little Man to perform a bunch of tasks.  For a little guy, he stuck out most of it for the 2 1/2 hours, with only losing his cool the last 10-15 minutes.  There were a few things I know he could do, but he didn't do them for the specialists - but for the most part, he was himself - the quiet, cautious, smart little boy that we love with all our heart and soul.

The specialists were kind - as kind as you can be when you're being bombarded with questions that you answered 4 months ago in a 12 page document...they smiled and noted about our favorite Little Man behaviors - mostly his creativity in playing with toys and his sounds he makes when he's thinking or exerting himself...seriously, the kid will say "Ugh!" picking up a piece of paper off the floor - it's hysterical and the specialists thought so too.  Other than a few other notable things they said out loud - Our EI specialist, hubby and I could not read their thoughts.  We were told at the end of he 2 1/2 hours, "Thank you for coming in.  We will see you in two weeks where we will sit down and discuss our findings."

So now we are waiting to hear what these doctors have to say about our son.  Is this Verbal Apraxia?  Is this something he will outgrow?  Is this just a developmental delay?  Is it something genetic that we need to have further testing on?  How will this change what we're already doing?  We only have 4 more days of waiting, and luckily most of the time we've been keeping ourselves busy - but when things get quiet, or if Little Man is struggling to say something to us, or we cheer on a spontaneous utterance -- your mind starts to wander and wonder to what these specialists are going to say to us on Monday.  So for the next 4 days, we're going to continue to keep ourselves occupied with a trip to visit Nana at the beach, some swims in the cousin's pool, and maybe a trip to the zoo.

No matter what they say, he is still our handsome Little Man - who has the greatest belly laugh and gives the best hugs and kisses around! :)

* I should add - his EI specialist did say, "Well, waiting is better than them telling you right after the eval, Would you please come with us to the conference room - we can't wait two weeks to discuss our findings." So that is the bright side. :)

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The Cookiegal said...

ah yes - the "hurry up and wait" game! Such a fun time! I am glad though that you have been having fun, and keeping busy! Praying all will be well.