Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"I don't know how you do it!"

I hear this statement a lot - from family, friends, and strangers. It makes me smile and wonder, is my life really that complicated? If someone else was handed the same wonderful deck of cards, would they not be able to handle it?

I don't think of my life is that complicated - yes, we all have our ups and downs, appointments, meetings, work, home, families, friends, etc - it's just my life and I've chosen to deal with it - sometimes I deal better than others, other times, not so much. I look at some of my friends and I often wonder how they manage - the SAHM's - I wonder how they stay sane and come up with creative things to do with their kids. The working mom - I wonder how she also manages her children (sometimes they have more than 2!) and her home. The single gal - how she manages doing it all by herself and working.

Since Big Girl was born, when people have asked me about how I do it - How I raise two children, how I work full time, how I keep a house (hahaha) - I tell them how I do it - I do it all because of this guy:

(Taken last summer)

Yes, my hubby. :)  As much as I try to do a lot on my own - he's always here to help me.  His job makes it possible for me to leave for work while everyone is still sleeping, so he can be the one to get the kids off to daycare in the morning and I can pick them up in the afternoon so they are not there too long.  He may not make it home in time for a family dinner - but not too many kids I know can say that they spend a good 2 hours before school with just their dad.  He's the more adventurous one of the two of us.  Often he will email me after his mornings with the kids with, "Did you know that Little Man can do....?"  or "Did you know that Big Girl can...?"  This usually ensues a lot of laughter from me at work.  He doesn't shy away from spending time with his kids - he's always involved.

When times get tough, he will often calmly remind me to focus on the things I can change, and not the ones I can't.  When a situation is particularly challenging he will look at me and ask, "Are we still on our honeymoon?"  At night when the kids are in bed, he will look at me and smile and say, "That Big Girl!" or "That Little Man!" and it is always followed by shared laughter.

On July 19th, we will celebrate 8 years of marriage...I don't know how I would have done the past 8 years without him!

*As an aside, we had a good appointment yesterday following up Little Man's evaluation.  When we're ready to share, we will.  Thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes.  We have a very special little guy who has some adoring fans, and for that we are extremely blessed.

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