Monday, July 1, 2013

6 Month Wait

Our doctor's appointment last week went ok, however the developmental pediatrician feels that Cha-cha may have an additional diagnosis.  It's been on the back of my mind for some time now - the anxiety, the rigidity, the increase in noise sensitivity, the lack of flexibility, the decrease in eye contact - I will see one of these in him and say, "Is it?" and then he will do something right and I say, "No, can't be..."  In speaking to people who are close to Cha-cha, a few have said that they are not surprised at this possible diagnosis and that they suspected it as well.

Close friends and family are have been asking me, "How do you feel about this?" or "How are you doing with this?" and I honestly don't know.  I do know that we will deal with whatever is thrown at us, and we will continue to advocate and fight for what Cha-cha needs to be successful. I'm so lucky to have my husband by my side to keep us grounded in whatever decision we do need to make for both of our children.

I appreciate the doctor not jumping to conclusions and saying that she wants to wait another 6 months to make sure before she gives a definite diagnosis, but in the meantime she said she wouldn't change anything that we're currently doing for Cha-cha.  We've increased his speech therapy this year and this summer he'll be going to a social group at his SLP's office with 3 other boys. We will continue to work with him and hope and pray that this is just a phase, although I don't know if it is. We have plans to look into getting Cha-cha a neuropsych evaluation in the fall, in hopes that it gives us more answers and clues to what is going on with him and what learning styles he will be the most successful in using.

It's hard to hear and come to terms with your child not being "perfect" or at least "neurotypical" - What we keep reminding ourselves is that Cha-cha is a character - he is happy, smart, super cute, and funny.  Surprisingly for a kid they said may not talk before 5, he has a way with words and saying what's on his mind. I'm so thankful for the hugs and kisses he gives and his little made up jokes.