Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantastic Friday #2

A look at the positive things from our week!

On Saturday, we celebrated my dad's 65th birthday with a pig roast...Little Man's comment as soon as he saw the pig turning - "Uh-oh!"  It was 95 degrees out and our kids enjoyed playing on the slip and slide - here are a few pics my aunt took (and I had fun editing them in instagram):

 The only picture I know of with just my dad and my siblings.  I remember one from Easter in 1st grade, but I think it was just the girls in that one.  My mom even had t-shirts made up with my dad's picture for the occasion!

 Slip and slide fun!

 My Little Man

 Her new smile was a big hit!

 I love her eyes in this one!

He loved the whipped cream frosting on the cake!

My mom, being an artist and an art teacher, invited the kids and I to the Museum of Fine Arts with a former teacher of hers.  I was a little leery of taking both kids there - Big Girl has gone on many occasions - her first visit being when she was about 15 months old - I think she is one of the few 15 month olds who could point out who Napoleon was in a picture and say his name. ;)  I have to say, both kids behaved wonderfully - it was one of those days when I had to say to myself, "See, you're doing an awesome job!  Look how well they are behaving!"  I did resort to the stroller with Little Man and I let him out for periods of time when he wouldn't be able to destroy million dollar glass pieces, but he was very content and even napped towards the end of our visit.  Big Girl talked nonstop, which is no surprise.  My mom's friend found her hysterical and couldn't believe how one 5 1/2 year old could talk about art for almost 2 1/2 hours.  I have to say, I was pretty impressed too.

Talking art with Nana

Big girl had a big accomplishment - she saved up her $90 to get the new Bitty Baby Backpack kit.  I made a deal with her - I had told her that I wouldn't spend another dime in that store and if she wanted something, she had to pay for it herself.  Well, when I saw that it was only another $28 to get the doll included and knowing how much she plays with her "Ava" doll - I told her that I would get her a new doll.  On Wednesday after therapy, we drove 30 minutes away to our nearest American Girl Store and purchased "Jewel."  Big Girl will tell you that she came out of her belly - she even went as far as to have Little Man kiss her belly before going on our adventure.  According to the happy mother, "Jewel" weighed in at 6 lbs and has been nursing and sleeping like a champ.

Hanging with Buddy - Buddy loves him so much and often seeks Little Man out for cuddles

Little Man is growing more and more sure of himself as the summer progresses.  He really seems to be coming out of his shell more and more.  I just hope and pray that it continues when school starts.  He's been actively working with his therapists when they come to the house and he's making more sound noises than ever.  It rained a lot over the nights and on Monday during a walk when it was starting to drizzle, he noticed the puddles and then immediately pointed to the sky and urging me to look with him.  It was almost like he wanted to say, "I get it!  Rain falls from the sky and makes puddles!"  For the rest of the week, whenever he saw a puddle, he'd stop, point to the puddle and then to the sky and make noise and then I would verbalize it for him.  Tonight when hubby and I were putting him to bed, we were using the Peekaboo Barn app and when we came to the goat, he pointed at himself and said "Me!" and pointed to me and the goat again.  I said to him, "Did we see the goats today?" (we went to a farm) and he started nodding his head and pointing to the goat and himself.

He was loving the play dough this week!

Something I enjoyed watching this week is the way our two kids interact with each other.  Big Girl is definitely a help around here in helping Little Man learn new things.  I spent 15 minutes trying to get him to use his new motorized toothbrush (for sensory therapy reasons) and Big Girl just walked right in there and within a minute, she had him using it in his own mouth.  She never forgets to prompt him to say her name or to use words that we know he knows.  She congratulates every single milestone he does - she is his biggest cheerleader.  This week, she said to me, "Mom, I don't know if I should be learning my kindergarten stuff or speech pathology stuff to help Little Man.  What do you think is more important?"  I told her that everyone appreciates her help - however learning her K stuff was more important right now.

Shaving cream car wash!

So it has been a good week we are even busier - Cheer Camp for Big Girl and Little Man will have his first overnight by himself up at the beach with my mom.  I'm a little nervous for him to go without one of us or Big Girl - but I know it will be good for him and my mom to spend time together.  :)

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