Friday, July 22, 2011

Fantasic Friday! #1

A recap of the good things from our week!

We were lucky to keep cool at the beach and friends' pools despite 90-100+ degree heat.

Hubby and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary on Tuesday!

We celebrated my dad's 65th birthday Wednesday night and we're looking forward to his Pig Roast Party tomorrow.

Funny comments from the Big Girl: she decided that she wants to grow out her hair and donate it to help children with cancer, like a friend of ours who passed away in April. While driving she turned to Little Man and said, "do you what to grow your hair to help kids like Alexander who had no hair? You could grow your hair to help Papa. He doesn't have hair on the top of his head, so you could grow yours to help him.". Yes, I pretty much had to hold my pee in on that one! Lol!

Accomplishments from the Big Girl: I noticed that one of her front bottom teeth was crooked on Wednesday. I asked her to come over and sure enough, I could wiggle it. Now I have dreams of losing my teeth during times of stress and so loose teeth skeeve me out...This morning she was wiggling it and it was bleeding...later she was eating a hot dog roll in the car (don't ask) and she lost her tooth.  She was so excited and talked nothing but how the Tooth Fairy was coming tonight.

Accomplishments from the Little Man: he worked hard this week in therapy. He has successfully said "mama" to get my attention without prompting. :) Yes, I'm super excited on that! We came up with a nickname for Big Girl "BeeBee" which he can say with prompting. The best way we were getting him to say it was the pool. She would sit on the steps and I would prompt him with, "Say, Go BeeBee!" and then prompt with " go" and "BeeBee" and sure enough he could do the "BeeBee". Yes, I have one very excited 5 year old as well.  We have both waited a 28 1/2 months to hear him call us something. :)  His EI specialist was very impressed with his skills this week and him building up on his previous skills.

Something new and absolutely hysterical  that Little Man will do is if I'm going to change his diaper or if I need him to sit still - he will crouch down and bend his knees, bend his elbows and quack like a duck.  I don't know where in the world he learned this - but it's pretty funny!

Here is to a great weekend and a new week! :)

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The Cookiegal said...

Such a wonderful week!! You have raised such a thoughtful little girl that she would think of the other kids!! =)