Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three New Dresses...and what the heck is that?!

So I made three pillow case dresses for LO - I'm thinking I need to fix the polka dot one with some thicker ribbon - but I'm pleased with how they came out:


Flower print that reminds me of my Nana B.:

And polka dots:

And my last project isn't quite finished yet - it still needs a strap...So I did this as a challenge to my class - we've been talking a lot about recycling, reusing, reducing and during their Valentines' Day celebration, they were drinking out of Capri Sun juice boxes and I asked them to save them for me. So I took them home, cut the bottoms out, washed them and dried them (hubby thought I was nuts until he saw the!) - so the other day, LO and I taped them together with duct tape and clear packing tape. She kept laughing saying, "Mommy tape the juice up!" I'm hoping that after vacation is over I can show them that they can reuse things to make other things. Also I hope to show them that they could also use a reusable container, rather than use ready made juice boxes - which in turn will help the environment...I might have to raffle this bag off or something... ;)



Amy said...

Those dresses are just adorable, and what a cool and creative bag!

You are so talented!

Camilla said...

i love the dresses! and one of my friends in college would take capri sun and sew them together to make cool purses. She even sold them on ebay for money! Maybe you could do the same? actually you should sell those cute dresses, they are just adorable! i will buy one if i have a girl!