Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Story of Diesel

Well, Little One loves Thomas and everything that has to do with Thomas - with the exception of Diesel. See, Diesel is a bad train - a VERY bad train. In the Thomas movie, he tries to kill Thomas (yeah, and you thought this was a little kid thing), then in the shows, Diesel plays nasty tricks on the trains. So LO knew early on that Diesel was bad. So flash forward to Christmas morning when my cousin (the bride) came over to give LO her present. LO opened it up and found to her dismay, DIESEL. LO actually picked it up and threw it and yelled, "NO DIESEL! DIESEL BAD!" So since that day, anytime Diesel goes near LO, she pushes it away and tells me to put it "Up high on top of the TV."


So it's sat there since December 25th. On Thursday, LO was talking about Diesel being up high and how he was bad. I asked her if I could open it and she said no. So I tried to explain to her how we could take it back to the store and get a different train. She was excited about it and even went and got a bag for me to put it in (no way was she actually going to touch the package). We went off to our local Thomas store and asked if we could exchange it. The woman told us that it was fine, but to find another in the price range. Well, of course there are only 3 others in the price range, and LO has two of them. So after 20 minutes of convincing her that she really wants "Mighty Mac", we go back to the customer service desk and the woman begins the transaction for the exchange - to which LO starts to go ballistic that we are leaving Diesel behind. So, I tell the woman to cancel it, we bring Diesel back home, and LO tells me to place him "Up high. On the TV, Mommy."


So I guess that's where he'll stay...

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