Saturday, April 19, 2008

Operation Potty Power!!!!!

So LO has a major diaper rash. It's so bad that the dr gave her 2 prescriptions and a push to start potty training. So yesterday, we went to the toy store and purchased "Potty Power" dvd and a dolly that goes potty. LO really wanted a dolly that comes with a dr kit, but I told her that she had to pee-pee on the potty to get the "pink doctor baby."

Last night we watched the video about 10 times, and as we were laying in bed, LO said, "I have to go potty." Stupid tired first time parents, we said, "Tomorrow." Then about two minutes later she said, "I pee." Just great!

This morning LO asked for the Potty Power DVD, and we set up the potty, and within minutes, she was sitting on the potty and she peed! :) We celebrated by putting a sticker on the potty chart and calling Pa-pa. She was so proud to tell him, "I sit on the potty and I pee!"

About 10 minutes later, she went again and demanded a sticker for her chart. Only 4 more to get her "pink doctor baby."


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