Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter Bunny?

So this morning hubby was busy getting LO ready for daycare. They were doing their usual stuff - getting dressed, eating breakfast, walking Buddy...then LO kept saying, "I want to go to the Mall with Buddy." Hubby kept asking her why - to go shopping? She kept saying, "No!" Finally, she told hubby this, "I want to go to the mall with Buddy to see the Easter Bunny." Hubby asked if she could just show him the Easter Bunny on the computer, but she said, "No" - it had to be the mall.

So what does hubby do...he takes her AND Buddy in the car to the mall (at 8:30am mind you), and they get out of the car and he pretends that the door won't open (not to mention that the Easter Bunny is long gone and she didn't like seeing him from a distance - never mind up close!). So he convinces her to go back to the car, where she says, "I'm sorry Buddy. You didn't get to see the Easter Bunny."

I don't know what is more cute - her yearning for Buddy to see the Easter Bunny or hubby taking her to the Mall. :) God I love this guy!


Carla said...

That is so cute!

nancy said...

I love this pic of her on the Lion. The lighting is very soft almost dream like...
good snap mom!!!
love, nahnah