Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fantastic Friday *a day late

We had a good week, super busy, but good!

We spent last weekend getting much needed errands and things done around the house. We decided to have a yard sale on Sunday, as we have a ton of kid crap that we need to get rid of...I'm actually excited for that! Sunday we went to the zoo and the kids had fun walking around and seeing the animals...little man even sat still for us to sit and watch the Birds of Prey show and he seemed to enjoy it.

Big Girl's Accomplishments- This week, Big Girl went to a 4 day cheer camp through our city's rec department. She loved it last year, and I think she did enjoy herself this year, but she was disappointed that she wasn't chosen to be a "flyer" (the girl on top of a stunt). She was chosen to be the holder...I had to break it to her that at 5.5 years old and 49 inches, she most likely never be a flyer because she is so tall. Don't get me wrong, she is a very slender girl, but she has extremely long legs and torso and is typically a head taller than her peers. So after a few tears, she went back to camp and held her head high and did a fantasic job holding the stunt...her partner and her held the other girl the highest out of all the groups. And after all that, big girl then showed me her "award" she was given...

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Yup, Most Dedicated!

Little Man's Accomplishments- little man worked hard in therapy this week, he even got so mad/frustrated at one point he yelled at his therapist, "more pull!" when she went to put the stretchy ball away. Nana-Bee came over to watch the end of his session and was very impressed with how hard he is working...then after his last session for the week, Nana-Bee took little man for his first overnight up to the beach house she is staying at for the summer. It was a big deal for all of us. Of course he did wonderful, however he didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm...but he was content, played with his play dough, trucks, and enjoyed the long hikes on the trails near the house. Big Girl and I went up the next day and he was exhausted, but very happy. My mom said for the most part she could understand what he wanted/needed by his gesturing and pointing and a few vocalizations. He learned to say "Nah-nah" and she said that he would say it constantly if he needed or wanted her. :) When we got there, we swam at the pool, Little Man took a nap and after dinner we went for a walk in the trails and climbed a few trees...

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And as we were walking, little man held my hand and I took this:

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I hope he always wants to hold my hand!

Have a great week!

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