Friday, August 12, 2011

How Many Words?

The other day, our SLP was trying to come up with how many words/approximations Little Man far we have:

1. /da-da/
2. /ma-ma/
3. /bee-bee/ Big Sister
4. /nah-nah/ Nana
5. /pa-pa/ Papa
6. /paw/ Paul
7. /gu/ go
8. /no/
9. /tee/ or /tee-tee/ TV
10. /ugh/ up
11. /peez/ please *with asl sign
12. /pee/  pee
13. /h/ help
14. /ruck/ truck
15. /lala/ or /wawa/ water
16. /mu/ more *with asl sign
17. /mu/ milk *with asl sign
18. /pu/ pull
19. /bu-bye/ *with asl sign
20. /eye/ ipad/itouch *with his own sign
21. /me/ me/mine/give me *with asl sign

So I think we're at 21, however names aren't suppose to count - so we have 15.  At the beginning of the summer we had 7 (without names).  So Little Man has almost doubled his vocabulary in  8 weeks - which is fantastic!  The not so great news is that by the age of two, most children should have at least 50 words (no names) and put two words together (we don't have that yet, even when prompted).  Lots of work ahead of us!

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