Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantastic Friday...yeah, right!

So things are just going wonderfully...if you think this, then keep on drinking.

This week hasn't been so "Fantastic"...granted, we're all safe, healthy, and somewhat sane...but little things have added up to be more of a "Frustrating" Friday.

My anxiety is creeping up...going back to work always stirs things up...moving into a brand new building, changing grade levels, and not being able to go in early to set up my classroom will definitely set it off.  Thankfully from my trusty sidekick of sleeping pills, I've been able to get three nights of awesome sleep.  I hope that the construction on the new building will finish soon so I can get in and set up.

Big girl is doing well - she had a good week, however she will tell you that we didn't do anything fun.  She is suffering from typical 5 1/2 year old ready to go back to school syndrome. ;)  This is from the same girl, who on Sunday, swung on a trapeze.  Yup, hubby's idea and she loved it.  Something tells me that she may request trapeze lessons instead of dance lessons this fall.

Not a great picture, but yes, that is Big Girl swinging on the Trapeze!

Little Man is doing ok - this week's therapy sessions were sort of duds.  We are realizing that 8am sessions aren't good for him and our other session was a meeting of his SLP, Developmental Specialist and an OT to figure out an action plan to help him.  There were some ideas tossed around, many of which we are already doing at home.  Something I'm not too excited about is the change over from his Developmental Specialist being his contact person to the SLP.  I had to open my mouth and assert myself more by telling the SLP that she needs to push him more - he is way more capable of producing sounds with the Dev. Spec. than he is the SLP.  I feel bad telling someone how to do their job, but as a teacher, I know this - if you don't set a level of expectations, the student will not rise to the occasion.  If the bar is set low, you will get low; set the bar high, and you will be amazed.

I spent 3 hours of my "free" time this week on the phone trying to get outside speech services for little man.  No one has after school times, and if you want them, then you're on a waiting list that is 6 months long.  No thank you.  We finally were able to get him in with a clinical fellow who is working under a SLP who specializes in Apraxia - not exactly what I wanted for him, but since he will be followed by the specialist as well, it was the best option.  The good thing is that they have Saturday appointments, so I won't be rushing around another night after work for therapy.

Other than that, we did have a good day at the beach the other day - Little Man even got into the water and enjoyed the waves.  Yesterday we visited my mom up at her beach house and we swam in the pool, went for a hike and played at the rock playground. 
Big Girl relaxing after swimming in the pool.
Rock Playground
Nana-Bee playing in the Rock Playground
This morning was tough - an hour and a half of non-stop crying, whining, whimpering or hysteria from Little Man - simply because we couldn't understand what he wanted.  Hubby gave him his iced tea (decaff) in a sippy and it became a nightmare - sippy was throw into the sink, new sippy came out and then was thrown.  Hubby held LM up to each cabinet to see what it was that he wanted, then he settled on eating Starbursts for breakfast.  I took the bag away and gave him 3 - then those were thrown.  Curious George came on, cries for it to go off ensued, hugs were demanded, then I was pushed away.  Cries for Daddy as he went off to work, hugs demanded again.  I put Curious George on again and despite cries for it to be turned off (by both kids), it has stayed on and entertained LM (who is now watching and eating trail mix the chocolate bits out of the trail mix for breakfast).  Thank goodness, we have some sanity for a little while. ;)

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