Friday, February 17, 2012

We made it through the last day...

I don't think I've cried this much in a long time.  Maybe the last time I did was when we found out that Cha-cha had Apraxia and SPD, however I think I took that easier than I did seeing him enter his new school and seeing exactly what he needs to have in order to be successful.  Seeing the structure and the prompts, seeing the visual pieces of the day, watching the routines - it's going to be a tough transition for him.  Thankfully, a lot of the things will be repetitive from his old school and he will be in good hands and he will be getting the support that he needs.

Hearing that your child has a disability or that he's not neurotypical is tough to swallow - but seeing what it's going to look like in an academic setting (especially when you're a teacher) is a whole different experience.  Yes, he's come so far, but he has a long way to go.  It's another grieving process.  We didn't make it to Italy; we made it to Holland and we're going to enjoy it and make the best out of it that we can.

We have a week until the next big day - however before that we need to say goodbye to EI.  Tuesday is going to be another toughie, but we'll get through it.  I'm planning on scheduling a massage for me this week, and tonight is date night with hubby - and there is a frozen Snickers in the freezer. ;)

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