Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whirl Wind Wednesday

We are in the middle of the week - WEDNESDAY!  My things are going fast - I don't think I've ever been this exhausted...well, yes I have, but it's been a long time since I felt this way.  School is in full swing and I am so happy that I made some big changes in my teaching career last year.  Teaching a new grade level has been refreshing and fun.  Even today when I was getting tired of asking a few students to do the same thing over and over - I reminded myself that I was enjoying where I was, who I was working with, and loving my new students.  I had a parent phone call after school that made me smile and it sealed the deal that this is where I'm suppose to be.

At the same time, our after school life is a little crazy - two different pick ups, therapy, art lessons, and now I'm trying to throw swim lessons into the mix - add the "regular" things like lunch making, dinner, baths, homework (for K! eeek!), and bedtimes and I'm lucky to sit down by 8:00pm. 

Bee-bee is loving school and when I find time to find my cord and upload pictures, I have a few cute ones of her first day of K.  She loves her teacher, she loves learning her letters (that she's already learned), and she loves commenting on other kids' behaviors...yeah, that one I need to put to rest soon.  Being a teacher, I love how she comments on how her teacher runs her classroom - she is fascinated that the tables have the same color chairs, so the teacher only has to call out, "Will the yellow chairs please line up..."  She loves her mailbox at school where she gets her daily forms for mommy to fill out and return the next day (seriously, how many more forms can I put my name, phone number, and emergency contact on?).  Yes, I think we have a future school teacher on our hands.

Little man is plugging along.  I think he is finally opening up at school.  They are hearing more sounds and more word attempts than the first week where all I think he did was sign and gesture.  He really is a trooper.  Yesterday, we have no idea how this happened, but he was bit by a nasty mosquito at least 15 times on his face/head and back of his legs.  He looked like he was left outside overnight for 10 hours, yet he was inside all night, sleeping right next to me (yeah, this bedtime/sleeping thing requires a whole post in itself).  Hubby ran some benedryl over to him and he seemed fine all day - never once scratched or complained.  The "blessing" of his SPD means that he doesn't feel light pain.  He could get a minor cut/scratch or bite from a bug and not feel it.  He currently has a scratch on his foot and we have no idea how it happened - all we know is that it happened at home and between a certain time frame, but when it happened, he never shouted, cried, yelled, or showed us.  I just noticed it on his foot with a little blood.  We go to his pedi on Friday (yet another thing to add to my afternoons) and I'm hoping she can help us out with these ballooning bug bites and seeing if she has ideas of his lack of feeling minor pain. 

Other than that, we are plugging along - he is definitely pushing himself more in his therapy and he really loves his outside therapist, Emily.  All I have to say is, "Do you want to see Miss Emily?" and he is running for the door.  When we get there, he insists on pressing the elevator button and I pretend I don't know where I'm going and he thinks it's the best thing on earth as he shows me where to go and yells, "ka!" (come) as he runs down the hallway.  We're really lucky that we found her.

We have a big weekend coming up - more about that later!  Time for the Whirl Wind Wednesday to start! :)

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