Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clothing and Shoes for Girls

Clothes shopping for children is extremely complicated. 

Bee-Bee is a very tall girl - right now, she is measuring 49 inches and she is only 5 1/2.  Right now, her current size could be a 6, 6X, 7, or 7/8.  It all depends on the manufacturer.  Last night, we were at our local Kohl's and some of the young girls section went to 6X and some went to 7, head over to the girls section, and they start at a 7.  The size 7 sweatpants from the young girls did not match the size 7 from the girls section, yet they were made by the same Kohl's company. 

Now Bee-bee doesn't like sweatpants, however it was the ONLY non-slutty clothing I would agree to put her in.  Yes, for some reason, slutty is in for the 5-7 crowd.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little black on a child - I find black leggings and an bright colored tunic adorable.  But rhinestone black leggings and a skin tight (even at a size 8) shirt, that will barely cover her bottom that has more rhinestones?  Yes, we stepped away quickly.  If it's not the black, it's the fake shirt underneath the sweater look.  I've never understood why an adult choose that, never mind for a kid.  It will never look like a true layered look.  It will always look like a sweater with fake sleeves and a collar sewn in...oh and did I mention that it was in black?

Right now, we are very blessed that she is in love with her smocked dresses and any dress that twirls and spins around and shows off her leggings underneath...yes, I make her wear leggings as she wears Princess undies (the only character clothing I will ever purchase her - character clothing is another whole rant of mine).  I have told her that she has to wear leggings under her dresses, because if I ever get a call from school that she was showing the "Princesses" to others, I would be mortified. ;)  Last night, seeing her skip down the aisle of Kohl's in her back to school, apple smocked dress made me smile - she still is a 5 year old.

And shoes...for some reason, Bee-bee thinks that wearing her white summer sandals with her brightly colored socks that Nana-bee bought her is amazing.  I've tried to tell her a million times (ok, maybe only 10) that her new found "look" is not a great style.  She has two pairs of good, sturdy school shoes - black maryjanes (with no rhinestones, twinkle lights, or glitter) and a pair of sneakers that I was blessed to find with elastics and no laces (who knew they stop making velcro shoes at size for my size 1 kid!).

Last night, she was trying a bunch of shoes on while we were shoe shopping for Cha-cha.  I almost died when I saw her putting on high heels that pretty much fit her foot.  All of the shoes were slip ons and therefore right up her alley.  She saw the Twinkle Toes shoes, but oh man, $45 for a pair of sneakers that light up the night sky is just a little too much to pay.  For some reason, her last pair that I got on a huge sale, ripped at the toes in just a matter of a few weeks.  Yes, they are adorable, but not if they are going to wear out so fast.

Sadly, Bee-bee didn't get anything new last night.  I reminded her that she has a closet full of new dresses still and leggings to be worn underneath them.  She smiled and said, "Oh, yeah!" when I reminded her.  My 30% off coupon went to Cha-cha and his new sneakers and 2 outfits.  His only requirement for clothing?  That it be comfortable and have a graphic of a car, truck, digger, airplane, or rocket ship.  Very easy to do in a 4T! :)

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