Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Yi-yi go backyard"

Wednesdays are special days for LO - she gets picked up at daycare by Papa to spend some time with him and Na-na so I can go to my staff meetings. Today when I got there they were giving her a bath (long story) and when I was dressing LO, my mom told her to tell me what happened today with Lily (Yi-yi) their Puerto Rican Mutt. This is what LO at 22 months said, "Yi-yi go backyard. Case quir-rill. Quir-rill up tee. Backyard." What happened? Lilly was in the backyard and she chased a squirrel. The squirrel then ran up the tree in the backyard. We were all impressed with her story telling...of course then she needed to repeat it about 40 times tonight. :)

Gosh, she is too cute!

ps - You can find out more about Puerto Rican Mutts (also called Satos) at

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