Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1st - Progress

It's been a long school year so far with Cha-Cha. We've had our share of ups and downs, changes in therapists and schedules, an additional diagnosis of Obstructed Airway Sleep Apnea, surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids, genetic testing (no findings), and then most recently, finding out that he is "cured" of his apnea due to the surgery (yeah!).

Even though there have been lows in Cha-cha's year, we've had more highs and progress. Cha-Cha speaks in full sentences. He uses vocabulary that blows adults away. He's understood by close family 90/95% of the time, familiar people 65-75%, and strangers about 50%. He can say his sisters name and his own more Cha-Cha and Bee-bee (to our daughter's delight)! He's 90% toilet trained during the daytime. He talks about two friends at school. He loves "working" in the back yard, digging in his sandbox and moving mulch. He can entertain himself with his "guys", trains, and various toys. He is gentle and comforting to his baby cousin at daycare. He can maneuver an iPad like no body's business. He stands up for his big sister when she gets into trouble ("You no say that to my sister!" is a common line that comes out of his mouth). Heck, even last night when he fell out of his big boy bed for the first time, he managed to fall on his pillow and blanket first.

Charlie's apraxia and SPD is not easy, but as I have said before, we are blessed in that it could be so much worse. It is something that we hope will resolve itself with therapy and time, but it is a lot of work and patience.

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