Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15 - Celebrations

Day 15 of Better Speech and Hearing Month


So as a parent of a child with Apraxia and SPD, there are things we celebrate.  Just today, I celebrated the fact that Cha-cha is now yelling when he's frustrated.  Yes, at 4 years old, I'm excited that when he's frustrated (mostly with his sister), he stops what he's doing and yells.  To some that is just an annoyance, but to me, it's music to my ears (well for today maybe).  Usually he's very passive and agreeable (thanks to the underresponsive SPD), but seeing him branch out is great.

Also, today I celebrated the fact that my progress meeting with Cha-cha's school actually went well.  They handed over the IEP amendment with no issues, I signed it and handed it back. I heard great reports from his teacher, new SLP, OT and PT.  They commented that now he has consistent speech and a consistent schedule, he's doing really well adjusting.  It was nice to hear good things from his TEAM.

And tonight I celebrated being a mom at dinner with some friends.  I love getting together with women and talking about being a mom.  It's the most challenging job you will ever do - more challenging than being a full time teacher. There are so many balls we have to juggle as a mother and it's a miracle that we are able to do it all.  So while you celebrate your kid's accomplishments, don't forget to celebrate your own. :)

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