Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tough Guy

The "easy" button is a huge fail and I'm excited about it.  Little man would rather try to make sounds, than press a button.  The past few days at home, he refuses to use it when I record scripts for night time and he refuses to use it at school during singing songs at circle for now, it's going to stay on the counter.  After speaking with his teachers about his week, they also feel that he is making more progress to make some beginning sounds of words and would rather encourage that instead of pressing a button.  I fully agree with them on this.  In fact, this week, Little Man said, "No! No! No!" when another child went to take away his truck in the sensory table that was full of rice.  His teacher told me that she purposely left the table open because she was so excited for him to continue to ask her, "Mowa, mowa, mowa!" while signing "more" every time she closed it.  Her telling me this brought tears to my eyes.  Little man is finally making demands at school and asserting himself - he is becoming 2! :)

Little man had a ton of fun this week with his EI specialist.  She brought in a bucket of dry kidney beans and some stacking cups for him to play with and practice the words up, down, in, out, dump, pour, dig, and splash.  He enjoyed hiding his matchbox cars in the beans and then having dig to find them.  At one point he put himself in the tiny rubbermaid and pointed and said, "Ga!" Katie got a kick out of this and of course, his demands of pushing him around the living room in a bucket full of beans was rewarded.  Our visit was ended by him hugging her and not wanting her to go...even with some of this new tough guy attitude, he is still our little cuddle-bug.

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