Monday, May 9, 2011

The Smell of Diapers

I don't often use name brand diapers - we're more of a mixture of Luvs or BJ's brand with occasional cloth, but a friend of mine gave me some of her Pampers diapers and Little Man enjoyed scattering them around the living room as I worked tonight on my computer, all I could smell is the powdery sent of the Pampers - and it brings me back to those first days in the hospital and home with my babies (because after those Pampers ran out, I never bought them again!).

It's amazing how the smell of something can bring you back...smelling them right now transports me back to the first nights home and sleeping on the couch with my baby in the pack and play (the c-section stopped me from going upstairs until they were 2 weeks old). With Big Girl, she was up every two hours to nurse...I remember my first night home, I set my alarm clock so I wouldn't go past 3 hours without feeding her - and it was clockwork that by hour 2, she was up, crying and ready. I learned that after that night, no alarm clock was needed - she would let me know when she needed to eat. Little Man was different. It took everything to wake him up out of his slumber to get him to latch on and eat. My phone would glow and buzz every 3 hours so I would make sure he didn't miss a feeding. How content he was to nurse and fall back to his slumber - while Big Girl wanted to stay up and look around at her surroundings and not let mommy sleep.

When I think back to their personalities as newborn babies and who they are as children today - it's very telling. Big Girl came out of my womb crying, mad as heck, and ready to go; while Little Man was stubborn, needing a vacuum (yes, during a c-section!) and needing some nice rubs to get that cry to come out of him. Today, Big Girl is the same outgoing, ready to take on the world no matter what - where Little Man is wanting to explore, but does so cautiously by taking everything in before jumping in - always staying close by for a hug.

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