Friday, June 8, 2012

Almost the End of the Year!

Summer is just around the corner - we can taste it!

This is the time that I count down the days and I wake up in the morning praying that the day before was the last day of school.  I really can't complain as I only have 8 1/2 days left, but oh, I can't wait! :)

Cha-cha finishes school this Thursday and his Open House/End of the Year Celebration is on Friday.  He's made a lot of progress since his start on February 27th, but he still has a long way to go.  We met with his teacher and therapists on Wednesday, and they are going to pick him up for more PT as he hasn't made as much progress as we had hoped in that area.  His SLP was happy to say that he has language and it's coming along developmentally, but his articulation due to his apraxia is tough for him (as it will be).  As he adds more words, he drops more and more sounds and endings.  He is able to be understood in most contexts, but it's still very broken.

He continues to be a cuddly and sweet boy.  Lately he has grown attached to his baby, strangely named, Kick.  The other night he told his that the baby's name wasn't named Kick anymore, but we were to call it "Another Kick".  We often hear stories that the baby is sleeping and that we need to keep our voices down, and that the baby needs to be fed, "Rye now!" (right now).

I know his love for babies comes from his big sister - she plays with her Bitty Babies daily, the cute little girls at his at home daycare, and his new cousin who was born this month, Baby R:

(I love how he has his hands out to hold Baby R)

Our Bee-bee is growing up so fast:
Here she is at K-Orientation last June and this week for her "Q and U Wedding" at School.

She is growing anxious for 1st grade and at the same time, she is ready to be done with school.  She is doing so well - reading at an end of 1st grade level and still adding and subtracting numbers in her head.  She is a delight, just don't ask her to clean her room. ;)  She finished her first year of Girl Scout Daisies and her first spring soccer season and she is hooked on both.  She also had the honor of having her painted duck be in the city-wide Art Show:

Both kids and I went on an overnight camping trip up to NH a few weeks ago with the Girl Scouts and had a blast.  I hope that over the summer we can do another camping trip with hubby.

Our summer will be a busy one - Cha-cha will be at morning summer school and he will continue with 2 sessions of private speech a week.  We have a trip this month to go to the big hospital in the city to see Cha-cha's Developmental Pedi for a continuing follow up.  I signed him up for some preschool game afternoons through the rec department, so we will see how those go.  Bee-bee will go to some rec department morning camps with an art camp in the afternoon one day a week.  I'm still trying to figure out how to fit in swim lessons for the both of them, but I'm hoping we can make something work.  My parents have moved to a coastal town with property on the waterfront, so we tend to take full advantage of that. ;)  I foresee a lot of Thursday night trips up to see them so we can get an early morning start on Friday's to the beach.  We also have a big cruise coming up with my In Laws and a trip to NYC to see my best friend and her family.  It will definitely be a full, but fun summer! :)

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