Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from all of us! :)

We are off soon to the Zoo Lights - our Christmas Eve tradition for the past couple of years, followed by a visit to my Auntie J's house (who took our wonderful Christmas card pictures).  Tomorrow the kiddos will open their presents here at home and we'll have Christmas Dinner at my parents house.  Later in the week, we'll celebrate with my In-Laws. 

The kids are so excited for Santa to come tonight and open their presents.  Both kiddos woke up this morning in a glorious mood, singing and laughing.  Bee-bee was making up a song saying, "Today is going to be a great day! It's a great life!" Cha-cha was doing his best to keep up. :)

Lately, we've been noticing Cha-cha having bouts of trying to talk, but he can't get it out.  This was bound to happen with the language explosion he's been having.  He tries so hard to tell us something, but we can't understand him.  We've tried to tell him to slow down, to repeat it again, and to try to tell us a different way - but it doesn't always work.  Hubby and I will look at each other and blame it on Apraxia.  He still is cracking us up - he was trying to find one of his many puppies this morning and I found it on the couch and I said, "Here he is!" to which he said, "Hi see!" for hide and seek.  Just proof that he gets it all, but just can't get it out.  At this age, Bee-bee had imaginary friends/cats named Pass-stone and Wanda - I said to Hubby last night that if Cha-cha didn't have Apraxia, he probably would have imaginary friends too.  He probably does have them, we just don't know about them.  Some days my wish is to just be in his brain for a day to know what he's thinking about.  We can get general ideas of his feelings, but to know his thoughts would be the best gift ever.  I have to remain thankful that we have made so much progress in 6 short months - but at the same time, we have a long way to go.

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