Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No longer "Non-verbal"

It is safe to say that Cha-cha is no longer "non-verbal." 

I got so use to saying that over and over when strangers would say hello to him or when someone would ask him his name or why he didn't make a sound.

On his evaluation on June 27th, he had 7 words/approximations.  SEVEN. 

Today, he has said his version of farm, giraffe, outside, and paint.  He has so many words that it's hard to count (I'm guessing around 60).  We still are extremely limited on two word utterances, but the fact that he doesn't stop making noise compaired to 5 months ago when he wouldn't let us know he was awake in his crib for up to an hour - this is amazing.

He still speaks under his breath - unsure if he is correct or not.  He holds back in large groups - especially at school.  We've seen an increasing amount of ticks and strange facial movements when he's trying to recall a word you want him to say.  That is what Apraxia is - a motor planning disability.

But he is talking...and even at 10:30pm when he won't go to sleep, and he pops up and says his famous, "Allo!" (Hello) - you can't help but smile and laugh - because back on June 27th, the couldn't even say Ma-ma...and now that's all I hear.

And it is music to our ears. :)

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