Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Time Flies!

So I just organized the paperwork to sign Big Girl up for K tomorrow. The school only has one day to sign up and you have to make an appointment. Totally sucks, but you got to do, what you got to do. We've been gathering all the things we need b/c the list to PROVE that we live in the house that we live in is INSANE.

We had to have the following:
a copy of the deed to our house
a copy of our latest mortgage bill
a copy of 2 of our utilities bills
and a copy of both of our licenses

Then I had to fill out a 7 page packet on Big Girl, attach her medical records form, real birth certificate (which happens to have our home address on it since we've lived here since her birth), and her progress report from her school/daycare.

We shouldn't complain b/c the school is decent and it's free - they have full day K at no cost, so tons of people use other people's address to get into our school system because of that - so this year, they changed all the policies and you have to prove that you live at the address you live in.

Big Girl was so nervous tonight that she didn't fall asleep until 10. I promised her that she could wear her new Twirlygirl dress, but she had to leave Ava (her bitty baby) in the car. Totally broke her heart, but she just can't bring in a lovie to K - I don't want to set her up for heartbreak and I need her to know that she just can't bring it to Kindergarten, even for tomorrow b/c then it will be a battle next year when we drop her off. Both Hubby and I are going tomorrow, so I'm confident that she will be ok. I'm not even sure what we actually have to do - I know we're meeting with the school nurse, the K teachers and the principal (who thankfully is retiring b/c I didn't like him when I met him). They take the small group of 6 or so kids and they read a story together and I think they do some screening with them while we meet with various people. I know she's going to be just fine - we've given her a great foundation and she's a great kid.

I just can't believe the time has passed that she can now be registering for Kindergarten!


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